Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well, I guess there is no better time to get this blog started than today. The controversy of the Obama Video has been buzzing all week. Now, I have been emailed a link to a utube video entitled "I Pledge" that has celebrities pledging to be a servant to our president? I am thankful that my child goes to a school that is not showing this video otherwise he would not be at school at the time of the airing. Last I checked we serve God not the President. I am also pretty sure that the President is put in place to serve the people of this Great Nation. I am by no means a radical just a mom concerned for the youth. My Dad is as Democrat as they come and
I am actually a registered Democrat...however I tend to vote Republican. I am anxious to see what is on this video. I am guaranteed to be watching Fox News on Tuesday!

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